rolling hills irish red

Complex rich flavor and deep red hue built with a combination of Crystal

malts with flaked and roasted Barley with just a hint of bitterness.      5.6% ABV

Silver Medal Winner - 2010 SD International Beer Competition

palomar pale ale

Refreshing, thirst quenching combination of 2 row and Caramel malts.

A medium bodied ale with a citrusy hop finish and aroma.                    5.9% ABV

wolf canyon wheat

American style wheat beer brewed with Pale & Wheat malts. A subtle

hop addition creates a distinct flavor and a dry, crisp finish.                    5% ABV

Gold Medal Winner - 2012 SD International Beer Competition

Bonita blonde

Light, refreshing golden ale brewedwith Munich and White Wheat malts

and bittered with Noble German hops. An American interpretation of a

Kolsch style beer.                                                                                                                        5% ABV

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star of india ipa

A variety of malts and generous doses of hops throughout the brewing

and fermentation process creates a big bodied brew with a citrus nose

and a clean, satisfying finishing bitterness.                                        6.7% ABV

america's finest amber

A full flavored, amber ale with a rich, malty body and a satisfying

caramel character. A perfectly balanced ale.                                       5.7% ABV

BEST BEER - 2012 Rotary Wine & Beer Festival